Monday, March 20, 2006

Abducted by Aliens

Or so my boss claimed today! I've finally admitted the Berlin plan to her, and she is convinced that I've been abducted and replaced by a thinner and rather more mentally unhinged version of me. She doesn't understand why I like running and why I race. Actually, sometimes I'm not sure either, I just know that I do. And I wonder about the alien abduction thing too.

It's like the 99.5 pounds I've lost contained an important part of my brain. Or maybe not an important part as such, but the part that made me a lazy fat girl. Sometimes it seems like that person really has gone, that I'm just not that person any more. I wonder where she went, whether she's sitting around waiting to be invited back, or whether she's really dead. Is she just biding her time on a sunny holiday, drinking cocktails and eating pizza, or is she really gone?

I don't know whether losing weight created this new me, or whether the new me just arrived and pushed the fat girl out. But if the new me just turned up, where on earth did she come from? Where on earth was she hiding for 26 years? Don't get me wrong, I like her, far more than I liked the fat girl, but why did she take so long to turn up?

I'm still completely in awe of the changes that have happened in my life. I don't know whether to say changes I made because I'm not even sure I was in control of all of them. Some of them just seemed to happen, unsolicited. I never intended to become a vegetarian marathon runner, but it seems like it's happening. Maybe the alien abduction theory has some merit in it after all.


I'm loving my size 12 Zara suit more and more every day. Today I wore the skirt for the first time, and I loved my wiggle. I don't think I ever imagined myself wearing a size 12 pencil skirt, but with a nice narrow and curvy shape, and nice heels I found my arse wiggling all over the place. I swear the suit is cut like it was made for me, I walked in the shop and just knew I had to have it. I'm not sure that an item of clothing has ever done that for me before, but now I'm determined not to waste money on anything that doesn't.


Blogger Isabelle said...

Never has being abducted by aliens sounded so tempting. Should you see them, maybe you could give them my address? Enjoy wiggling in that suit!

10:28 PM  

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