Saturday, March 25, 2006


Where's my mojo gone? This week I've taken my eye off the ball a bit. I've been eating too much (nothing too bad per se, but just too much of it), and I'm currently sitting here trying to summon up the motivation to run. I know that I should, but I don't really fancy it this morning.

I know that maintenance isn't a licence to relax and go back to old habits, but there's still a tiny bit of fat girl left in my head telling me that I deserve it, and that it doesn't matter if I slack off for a bit. Now, while I agree that if I'm up a pound or two next week it's not the end of the world and I can get back here, I want to make sure that I don't get myself started on a destructive yo-yo habit.

I don't know whether the problem is that I haven't done anything to "reward" myself for reaching my original goal. I haven't bought clothes or had a hair cut or bought any of the things that I've considered getting as a 160lb goal. I have no money at the moment, and I'm really trying to sort out my credit card debts. I know that I could do what I've always done, buy it now and worry about paying later, but I want to actually pay off that debt, and slowly and surely that's what I've been managing over the past eighteen months. But my refusal to spend any money on buying myself a fantastic reward seems to be leading my head to think that I could just reward myself with laziness instead because it's free.

Maybe I'll splash out on something next week once pay day comes round and a couple of bills are paid and hopefully I'll get back on the wagon sooner rather than later. I know that I can do this, but I'm just feeling strangely unmotivated at the moment. I need to keep reminding myself that nothing changes in maintenance, and I still need to just get up there and do it.


Blogger PastaQueen said...

As someone who recently overcame quite a lot of credit card debt herself, I think it's good that you hold off spending money you don't have. However, you could try hitting a thrift store to find something cute at an affordable price. But only if you feel like it. One of the things that helped me get out of debt was that I stopped 'shopping.' If I needed something, I went out and bought it, but I stopped aimlessly browsing stores because I ended up buying stuff I didn't need.

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