Sunday, March 12, 2006

Did I really wear that?

I've had an utterly lazy day today. I got up, I got my running gear together, I was almost ready to put it on and go out.

Then I looked out of the window.

It was snowing. And while I'd still have gone out (possibly) if it was a couple of weeks before the half marathon, in the new spirit of not overtraining and giving my body a rest before marathon training starts, I decided that the best thing for me to do would be to go back to bed. I want to make sure that I enjoy my running, and although running with snow lying isn't so bad, while it's coming down I could just see myself getting wet and cold and not enjoying it. So I didn't.

Or that's my excuse.

So instead I've been in the house all day, not daring to see whether the car would start today, and generally being lazy. One thing that did give me the opportunity to do was to stumble across one of my old size 22 suits. I try not to look at it too often, because it takes away from the sense of shock when I do. I prefer to forget how many families could form a useful tent from the arse of the trousers, and then look at it with new eyes every so often.

I really can't believe I used to wear that (and what's more, that at my highest it was a little snug). I used to see size 12 and 14 clothes and think that they were impossibly small. I wasn't sure whether, even having lost the weight, I'd still see myself in my mind as a size 22 and head for those sizes first. No way. I'm surprised at how easily I can pick up something that looks the right size and find that it actually is the right size. That's good.

And that's just about as exciting as the day got. I had a brief moment of panic when my mother phoned. I'm not sure what's going on, she's phoned me twice this week and it's normally more like once every six months unless she needs something (the rest of the time it's just email). She said she just wanted a chat and had seen from her phone bill that international calls weren't as expensive as she'd thought, but I was still on edge for the whole call, waiting for the bad news that I assumed had prompted the call. It seems there is none, maybe she just wanted to talk, but that's still enough to give me a slight feeling of shock!


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Love your blog, brilliant writing, very entertaining to read.

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