Saturday, March 04, 2006


I'm going through a real foodie renaissance at the moment. I go through phases. I used to be very lazy, eating mainly prepared foods, and look where that got me. While I lost most of my weight I relied on a few staple meals that I knew I could combine together to create a plan that worked for me without needing to count calories. I knew that if I ate A for breakfast, B for lunch and one of C, D or E in the evening, then that would work for me.

But recently that's started getting a bit stale, and I've suddenly become enthused about food again. I actually want to cook, to try new recipes, new vegetables, and I want more variety in my diet again. I suppose that it's partly the switch to maintenance mode, I'm becoming less concerned about taking the weight off in a structured way and more concerned about finding a way of life that I can live with permanently.

The vegetarian thing is really helping with this as it's forcing me to think more creatively about what I eat rather than relying on grilled chicken and a couple of staple vegetable recipes to go with it. Eating vegetarian food out is not only a treat, but it forces me to eat something with veg in that I wouldn't have tried before, because there isn't anything that's fully within the safety zone I kept myself in for a long time.

And together with this, I'm really getting excited about cooking meals for myself, trying new recipes and finding new ways to cook things. This morning I sat down with a couple of recipe books and I've written a list of things that I want to make. The problem is that it's a long list. Even if I ate a different thing every day it would take me longer than just this month to eat them all, and that's not going to happen with the days I eat out and the fact that they almost all make more than one serving. Plus, the freezer's already filling up with things that I've cooked this week and had leftovers from!

The main problem I foresee is that I start eating too much because there are so many new recipes that I want to try.

Is this the start of a new healthy relationship with food or is it going to lead me back where I came from? I'm not sure, but as long as I keep an eye on what I'm eating I'm crossing my fingers that it will work out OK.


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