Friday, March 31, 2006


Today I did something that, to the best of my knowledge, I've never done before. I wore matching bra and knickers. God, I feel so much more grown up now I've got that out of the way!

Seriously though, my underwear has never been something that I've paid much attention to. After all, no-one apart from me gets to see it, so I will admit that it's never been particularly nice stuff. But this week I bought a load of new underwear, and today I wore some of the matching stuff. I was surprised at how much difference some pants could make to the way I felt over the past couple of days, stuff that fits, that looks vaguely flattering and that doesn't leave horrible lines over my arse, particularly under my gym gear. (Yes, when I'm running on the treadmill I look in the mirror and examine how much my underwear shows).

That was the shopping success of the week. The failure is my inability to find any outerwear I like. I've got a couple of things in my head that I want to buy. A jacket, a couple of tops, trousers, a skirt. But can I find anything that satisfies me? Of course not. I think the reason is that when I was at my biggest I shopped in one shop. I could look round the shop, find the least worst thing and buy it. If it fit, it was in with a good chance of finding its way into my wardrobe. Now I've got too much choice, and I always wonder whether the perfect thing will be in the next shop. I don't need to rule out complete shops because I'm too fat, and by the time I've worked my way round them all, the first shop I looked in might have new stock that I'll need to check out.

Since I bought my suit I've realise that there are clothes that fit and clothes that make you feel fabulous. I only want to buy things from the second group (and in fact I bought some of the first lot during the week, and am seriously considering returning them), but the problem is finding them! Actually, I could get more exercise doing clothes shopping than when I run...


Blogger Poll said...

hello !!

Good blog !

10:57 PM  
Blogger duenneschen said...

That was a great post!!!

I frequently feel the same way! I still have plenty of weight to lose but whenever I do go shopping I feel like everything is blah. I don't get excited putting it on and if I do find something fabulous, well I normally can't afford it. Or...they don't have my size but they have PLENTY of the skirt,shirt, etc in smaller sizes and plenty of them!

Anyways, congrats on your weightloss. Enjoy every single minute of it, you worked so damn hard for it!

6:07 PM  
Blogger PastaQueen said...

I've gotten a lot more picky about my clothes now too. Somebody said every item in your wardrobe should be your favorite piece. If you don't love wearing something, you should get rid of it.

9:07 PM  
Blogger kathrynoh said...

I remember years ago a friend saying she had something like 32 sets of matching underwear. I had none. I have one set now :)

Clothes shopping can be a real pain. When I got down to regular sizes, all the summer clothes here in Australia were so ugly. I felt so ripped off -- I didn't do all this work to wear hideous boho skirts.

I guess the trick is find the shops that sell stuff you like, which is hard when you haven't spent years shopping for nice clothes.

10:11 PM  

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