Saturday, March 11, 2006

Healthy competition

My reputation goes before me! A couple more incidents at work reinforced the way people see me now. First, someone asked me whether I had rugby last night. What she meant was, was I goig to watch a game, but new trainee who is still in the "in awe" phase, assumed that I played because I looked like the sporty type!

Then a former colleague signed up for the Capital 10k, which I'm also running in June. The blokes of the office are once again considering setting up a book on the outcome, and I'm the clear early favourite. By quite a long way. Emma's been going to the gym regularly all the time I've known her, and she's thin. But I'm the runner, and at least for now the talk is of how much I'll win by.

It's funny, I got to like running because it's a competitive sport where you're competing against yourself, depending on yourself. I have nothing against team sports, but I like the individual accountability of having your performance depend entirely on your own effort, and the fact that you can judge your performance on one day against your performance on any other, regardless of the opposition.

But now I have people that I want to beat. Maybe it's a sign of my progression to the next stage of running, the stage where I'm confident enough of my ability to even consider that. Of course, if I smash my previous times but she somehow turns in a star performance I'd still be relatively happy, but it's nice to have real people to run against, complete with a bit of banter!

I'm feeling a lot more lively than I did last weekend, I've got some jobs done and tried some new veggie recipes. I'm using more cheese and pasta than I have been doing for the past year or so, but it doesn't seem to be affecting my weight, in fact I'm so confident of seeing another pound gone next week that I bought my seven stone reward suit a couple of days early yesterday. You know how you sometimes go out to buy a sandwich and come back with a load of clothes... Still, they were clothes I needed, and they're size 12!

Today I broke down again, and managed to sit in Sainsbury's car park for an hour waiting for the mechanic (the same one, for the third time in five weeks) to turn up, without going inside for chocolate or cookies or muffins. I was very proud of myself! Not because of my car maintenance skills, obviously, but for my self control. And that meant that I was out of the house for most of the morning, thereby avoiding my normal tendency to graze all weekend.

I have wine for tonight though, it's allowed on weekends, and I have rugby from last night that I really need to forget...


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