Saturday, March 25, 2006

Ignore me...

I dragged myself out for a 10 mile run (an hour and a half at 9 minute miles), and the blahs disappeared a little. I hated the first 3 miles or so, tolerated the next 3 and then really got into my stride after the first hour. I know that running is good for my body but sometimes I forget how good it is for my mind too. Just the act of getting out there and running somehow gets me back in touch with what I need to be doing, and sorts out my doubts out.

I also realise how eating the wrong stuff in the evening (and more importantly drinking the wrong stuff) affects my mood in the morning and my willingness to go out there and do it. It really all is interconnected, and it seems to be a lot more effort to do one thing if I've done another thing badly. Not that eating too much necessarily leads to laziness, but that it's more likely to than giving my body just what it actually needs.

So I'm feeling more back on track than I was this morning, and glad I went out there. I haven't got many other plans for the weekend. I need to sort out a hotel in Madrid and do some house jobs, I might also get round to taking some progress pictures to mark the 100lb mark if I can be bothered to dry my hair properly so it looks half decent!


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