Sunday, March 19, 2006

Packed Lunch

I ran a 5 mile race today, the report is over on BerlinBlog. I was very good, I planned my day round it, packed myself a healthy lunch and snacks for after the race (and before the rugby match I went to afterwards, which I'm not going to talk about...), and generally felt like I was in control. I didn't need to resort to chips (the sole vegetarian option at the rugby), and I felt good because I appreciated that I'd taken the mental step to take care of my body and nurture it rather than just taking the options that were available.

That felt good.

I'm getting into the habit of preparing food for myself and carrying it with me. Putting it in little boxes or bags, taking everything I need for the day with me. Really being responsible for what I eat, and leaving nothing to change. Telling myself that I'm worth that little effort, that I can make nutritious and tasty food for myself, and that it's far nicer than the alternatives.

I'm feeling good right now. Everything seems to be coming together nicely.


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