Thursday, March 09, 2006

Shock and Awe

Trainee is now in awe of my athletic prowess. Someone I work with came into the office we share at lunchtime to ask me how fast I can run a kilometre, because he "can't be beaten by a girl". I told him that I ran this morning's 8k interval session in under 42 minutes (5:15 per km) and the pair of them went pale, gulped, and said almost in unison "that's actually pretty fast".

I then pointed out that if I was only running 5k (the distance he wants to beat me over) flat out I'd probably manage to run it a little faster than that.

Tee hee.

He's now gone away aiming for a 25 minute 5k (I've not quite hit that yet, I'm around the 26 minute mark at the moment but that's partly because I haven't tried to run 5k flat out while I've been concentrating on longer distances. Of course he wants to be just that bit faster than me. Being a bloke).

The funny thing is that Paul has known me for years, while trainee has known me for 4 days. So while Paul's awe was enhanced by the knowledge of the obese years, trainee's awe is simply because of what I can do now, and that's a great feeling. It shows that my running isn't merely impressive because of the contrast, but because it's actually half decent. Which I knew, but every confirmation of that still boosts me.

It turns out that trainee has been roped into doing the Great North Run and hasn't a clue where to start. I'm not sure whether my cheery "a half marathon is quite easy as long as you prepare properly" advice was what he wanted to hear or not. When I told him I got up to that distance in less than a year of running I did neglect to mention that he seems rather fitter than I was this time last year. But even without that knowledge the pressure is now on him not to join the list of people in this office who get beaten by a girl.

That list is growing. One person who was training for a half marathon has dropped out because it was too hard, while it seems that no-one dares enter the South Leeds Stadium 5 mile next weekend because I'll show them up!

More tee and definitely more hee.

Speed is definitely the way to go for the foreseeable future I think. After all, if Paul's going to run a 25 minute 5k, I'm going to have to get my time down to 24 to wind him up! I think I might throw a 5k flat out time trial into next week's schedule, just out of interest...


Blogger Lainey said...

Superb! Nothing like a healthy bit of comepetiton, especially if it is driven by a male ego!

9:17 AM  
Blogger Kate said...

What boost for you! Very cool.

6:51 PM  
Blogger VTH said...

Good job! Very exciting.

9:39 PM  

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