Sunday, March 05, 2006

Storm in an A cup...

...if I'm lucky.

I have decided that my chest is a freak of nature. I need a new sports bra. I know that, and have been meaning to buy one for a while. This week is my ultimate limit, I need something new.

For normal clothes I'm fine. I measure round the fullest part of my boobs and I'm a 12 or 14. But that skews the picture somewhat when it comes to bra size. Instead of that overboob measurement translating to a 34-36 B or C, what it actually works out is a 38A. Or AA if I'm being really harsh on myself.

My ribs (which clearly aren't going to shrink) are quite big, comparatively speaking. And then there's nothing extra. At all. Well, maybe a little, but not a lot. Not a handful. Unless you have very small hands.

Where this causes a problem is that so many sports bra ranges start at B. If I was doing low impact stuff I'm sure I'd get away with the built in bras inside sports tops that you see all over the place. In fact, I'm sure that some more well endowed people are jealous about the fact that I could consider that.

But I don't just do low impact stuff. I run. And I want something a little more, well, supportive. I want a proper sports bra, not one of those low impact low support jobies. I want to be able to buy a bra without people wondering what exactly I've got to put in it.

I'm struck by the bizarreness of this post, that I'm whingeing about being too small (which is something that Ive never done before!). It sneaks up on you sometimes. I bought some running gear from Aldi earlier today (fantastically cheap!) and only realised after I'd tried the stuff on once I got it home, that not only are my new capris and shorts a medium, but it says waist size 28-30 inches. I remember being pleased when I got under 35, and now I'm under(ish) 30. Wow.

But I'm rambling. The thing is, I'm in mourning for my lost boobage, and I can't believe that I'm having to search out bras that deviate from the norm because I'm too small rather than because I'm too big. I've seen a couple of bras that do come in smaller sizes, but they also tend to be the less restrictive ones, and I worry. Too much, possibly, but I worry.

Will I never be happy? And which is top on the list, tummy tuck or boob job...

(there is no list, because there is no money, and a fear of surgery, but hypothetically speaking...)


Blogger PastaQueen said...

I have the same problem! I'm a 42A, and was more recently a 44A, and it's such a bitch trying to find a bra. Just My Size has some A & B cup bras with large band sizes, but no sports bras, sorry. I've been doing low-impact stuff in a regular old bra and have been doing fine.

I do sort of wonder if I'll have any boobs left when this is all over :)

9:08 PM  
Blogger Sandra said...

Have you looked on They have such a broad range, it would be your best bet. Not that I've checked out the A sections...

9:41 AM  
Blogger Vicky said...

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