Thursday, April 13, 2006


I'll be off to Amsterdam (via the rugby, of course) tomorrow, so have a great Easter everyone, and don't eat too much chocolate. Or if you do, do it because you want to rather than because you feel like you should because it's easter...

I made it to my 20 mile target for the week between Monday and Thursday, so I'm giving myself the weekend completely off, I'll eat and drink what I want, and I'll enjoy myself.

I'm hoping that I'll be able to locate somewhere that brings belgian chocolate and beer over the border for a real Easter treat! mmm. belgian chocolate. mmm cherry beer.

I'm still, bizarrely, meat free so I'm now going to try to make it to Sunday to finish off lent the way I started it. Not that I was doing the vegetarian stuff because of lent, but it would seem fitting to make it all the way. We're meant to be going to a vegetarian restaurant that's recommended in the guide book on Saturday night, so there's only really tomorrow that will be a challenge to get through before getting to the finishing line. I can't believe it's been so easy! My mother said she'd make something meaty today which I was OK with, then I got home and she said she'd decided to make a chickpea curry instead which was a nice surprise, and has kept me on the veggie path for a day or so longer. How long it lasts isn't particularly important to me now, but it's a nice thought to be able to say I did lent properly.

Anyway, I have to get up pretty early tomorrow considering it's a bank holiday, so I'd better get off to bed!


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