Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I'm here really, I'm just not getting near the computer for long enough to put a coherent post together, what between entertaining my mother, worrying about the growing crisis at Wigan, planning more holidays and eating far too much.

Amsterdam was fab, particularly the food. I don't know whether fab vegetarian food has always been around or whether I just notice it more now, but I was in veggie heaven. Sadly it wasn't all healthy vegetarian food, with large quantities of cheese and two cakes most days, but I got back to the gym yesterday and the scales were pretty much where they were before I went away, which will do me!

I've got some good runs in on the treadmill since I got back, my eating hasn't been so great. There's been lots of post easter chocolate lying around at work, and I haven't been exercising much restraint on that front. I keep telling myself I'll get back to it soon, but it hasn't really happened yet. Still, being at 160 a month after hitting it must at least count as maintenance, even if I'm getting to the stage where I wish I could get that number a bit lower now that the novelty's worn off.

Something else I noticed in Amsterdam - I can actually pull off a co-ordinating capsule style wardrobe that still left room in my luggage (hand luggage only!) for a hairdryer and hair straighteners. I looked myself in the mirror, and I'd got city break style nailed for the first time in ages. It helps that my clothes take up less room in my bag though (hee hee!).

Anyway, that's all I have time for. I am still around, and I'll try to post more over the weekend or early next week when sanity is restored!


Blogger VTH said...

Good job on the 'co-ordinating capsule style wardrobe'. It's definitely a learned skill but a great one to have.

Glad you had fun in Amsterdam and you're back safe and sound. Good luck with the Easter candy. That's a tough one but it should all be gone soon (not soon enough mind you, but soon!)

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