Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Reality TV

Today, in between being incredibly busy at work and having a second almost perfect eating day, I've mainly been pissed off with Jade Goody. If you're not from the UK, be grateful that you don't know who she is.

She turned up to run (sorry, "run") the London marathon in tennis shoes on the back of no training. Sorry, she'd eaten curry and made a "fitness" video. Amazingly she made it to 18 miles before giving up, but give up she did. And got tons of publicity on the back of it (and I know I'm adding to it...)

And how much did she raise for charity? £500. Better than nothing, but I managed to raise nearly £400 when I ran a 5k race last year, and I'm no celeb (OK, so arguably neither is she, really, but even D list is more celeb-y than me). Most people on charity places needed to raise far more than that to run, and I bet a lot of people on non-charity places raised more too.

Now, I wouldn't mind if she ran badly but did it because she was committed to raising loads of money for charity. And if she didn't raise much money but took the training seriously because she really wanted to run, then that would be fine. But to basically take the piss out of the whole thing by not training, not fundraising and then turning up to get some publicity just winds me up.

On the other hand, if Jade can make it to 18 miles, I can definitely finish!


Blogger M@rla said...

I've never heard of the ho, but I googled her and decided I don't like her either. There's a funny article about her on Wikipedia
which mentions the marathon. It also mentions that she "writes" a magazine column - funny, they used the quotes the same way you did for "run."

5:54 PM  

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