Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sweaty Betty

I ran another 10k, details, as ever, on BerlinBlog. Then, not wanting to miss out on old pleasures, I dashed down for a 2pm kick off at the rugby.

Except I didn't have enough time to shower and change, so if you notice an empty zone behind the posts, or the low attendance, on the video, it's because people couldn't bear to stand near me!!!

Actually, to be fair, I felt far less sweaty than I usually do after a race, so with a couple of cleansing wipes and a bit of deodorant, then putting some extra layers over my running kit I was good to go, and I was glad that I had too as we won for only the second time this season.

I did notice one thing though. I used to like having the excuse to eat pies and burgers and chips at the rugby. Even when I was losing weight, a rugby match was a good enough excuse for a bit of indulgence. Then I got to the stage where I didn't mind the rugby food, but I liked other stuff too. And now, I'm so glad I took my houmous and mediterranean veg sandwiches (on wholemeal bread of course...) because the burgers and chips and pies just looked so appealing. I wanted to declare an exclusion zone round me (and not just with my sweat!) not because the smell was tempting me, but the smell was making me feel ill.

How have we arrived at a place, as a society in general, where that stuff is considered as food, or as a treat. Even if it's not an every day diet thing, how could anyone see chips or burgers as a treat? How could I do that? There are now lots of other things that I'd rather eat. Not necessarily amazingly healthy stuff - maybe a nice flapjack made with honey and oats and nuts that still packs a fair calorific punch, but at least stuff made with real food, not reprocessed regurgitated crap. I don't want to come down too hard on people who eat it, because I know that I used to too, but it really does amaze me now I see it from this side of the fence.

I realised yesterday that I can spend hours or days saying things that would never have come out of my mouth before. Like the gorgeous apricot, apple and yoghurt thing I cook for my lunch. I mentionned that it works really well with soy yoghurt, then realised that I'd just given away the fact that I tried soy yoghurt... I promise I own't turn into a hardcore vegetarian (although it's 6 weeks tomorrow since my last piece of chicken), but I get excited about new ways to cook lentils and beans, and that worries me slightly. Not in a bad way, but in a how did I get here sort of way.

Anyway, I'm a little drunk and rambling so I'd better stop here, although before that I'd better just mention that WIGAN WON! It's far too rare at the moment (2nd time this season?) so I'd better make the most of it while it lasts.


Blogger kathrynoh said...

I think the worst thing about "junk" food is that it's become even junkier in the past decade or so. When I was kid, if we were getting that stuff, it would be all made in the shop - homemade burgers and chips from real potatoes. Now it's all preprepared and packaged. And most of it isn't worth the calories.

10:53 PM  
Blogger weekend weigh in said...

Can I request that you post the recipe for the "gorgeous apricot, apple and yoghurt" dish? Sounds delish and right up my alley!
Also since I've been a lurker and haven't posted a comment yet - you have done (and continue to do) diet and exercise stuff that makes you my hero! Thanks for being an inspiration to me and all your readers I'm sure!

4:05 AM  

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