Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I'm back from Spain, honest, I've just got so much on at work that I'm finding it hard to get near the computer, let alone compose the long post of all the stuff that I want to get out on here.

So, you won't get the details in full, but the highlights have to be...
  • wearing a size 12 bikini! in public!
  • realising that I'm actually pretty cute in a short skirt and summer top!
  • shopping in Madrid!
  • eating sensibly on holiday!
  • feeling confident!
  • speaking lots of Spanish and being understood!
  • falling in love with Madrid!
  • only being 1lb heavier than when I went away!
  • wine and olives!
  • chocolaterias!
Since then, work has been mad. In the past three days I've recorded over 30 chargeable hours. Bearing in mind that I'm only meant to do 6 a day, that's quite a bit of (unpaid -grr) overtime. Yesterday I left the house at 6.40am to get an early train to London, and got home from my meeting after midnight.

But I've still managed (just) to get some exercise in, and to eat relatively sensibly. Not as well as I usually do, but better than it could have been. I had to miss Race for Life this evening because of work, but I made sure I ran into work (to be honest, it takes very little longer than the bus, other than the discomfort of running with a bag filled with files - god knows how I managed to run when I carried far more weight than that on my arse alone!).

Anyway, I've got lots of nice pictures and more interesting things to say, but you'll have to wait to read them because I need to get some sleep for once as I'm actually in the house before 10...


Blogger M@rla said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! Can't wait to see the photos. Welcome back.

4:26 PM  
Blogger K said...

And I thought I'd been busy lately. I'm tired just reading that! (I've always found that having lots to post about makes it harder to post, because you need time to do it justice - seems it's not just me.)

Spain sounds lovely, though. Have a nice sleep...

5:04 PM  

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