Tuesday, May 23, 2006


The last two months have been nice. I hit 160lb back towards the end of March and have managed to stay there ever since. I've bounced around mainly between 158 and 162, initially at the top of that range and more recently towards the bottom, but very rarely outside it. I went back up to (ack) 164 immediately after I got back off holiday, but that was just water, honestly. I'm back down to 158 as of today, which is an improvement!

It's been nice being a bit more relaxed about my eating, about allowing those snacks to sneak in there, but I'm starting to feel like it's time for me to recommit to melting a bit more lard.

I'm not talking about getting rid of a lot, but I feel like there's a bit more fat there which would benefit from not being on my body. Or at least my body would benefit, I'm not sure if the fat has any strong opinions. I don't want to set myself any strict goals. If I never lose another pound I'll be more than happy. BUT there's a nice milestone coming up, and it would be nice to hit it. At 154lb I'll not only hit a nice round 11 stone, but I'll also dip slightly below 70kg (I think it's something like 69.8). That's 4lb away Nothing too daunting, but still a new number to aim for. I kind of miss losing, and even though I know that there will come a point where I can't or shouldn't lose any more, I don't think I'm there yet.

I'm not planning to do anything drastic to get there. Just up my exercise as part of the marathon training. I've "officially" started my training plan now, and the mileage increases week on week anyway. And alongside that, try to cut out some of the snacks. I've been wanting to do that from a "control" point of view anyway but I think that it will be easier to do if I have a goal in mind that it will help me achieve.

I've enjoyed the maintenance break, but I'm inspired to lose so I may as well seize the moment!


Blogger Lainey said...

Go for it YP! You sound totally in control and so why not. And oooh - the satisfaction of hitting 11 stone.

1:19 PM  
Blogger Charlotte said...

Hi! longtime lurker (and runner)--your story is just amazing. Have you considered adding some weights/strength training to your program? I think you'd really like it. It will help address some of the body image issues you've talked about--give you some curves (ie, muscles) where you don't have them--and also help discourage injury as you ramp up your marathon training. There are some great weightlifting for women sites/blogs--start here: www.stumptuous.com/cms/index.php.

Good luck in Berlin!

12:26 PM  

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