Monday, May 01, 2006

Thin clothes

And what have I been doing? Not too much exciting stuff, but important stuff like work, sleeping and trying to sort out the garden a bit. Oh, and I've been running another 10k PB (see BerlinBlog for details)

I've also been doing some pre-holiday shopping. I'm off to see my folks in Spain on Friday, with a stopover of a couple of nights in Madrid on my way back. Of course, over winter I've not had much need to wear summery clothes, and even last time I was out there, at Christmas, I was a good dress size bigger than I am now (and I was wearing clothes that were a bit baggy for the most part). So obviously, this gives me a perfect excuse to go shopping. Like I need an excuse...

The good bit. I'm very definitely a bona fide size 12 in pretty much every shop. Sometimes I even pick stuff up and buy it without trying it on in Primark because it's so cheap and I'm pretty confident it will be OK. Can I just say how much I'm loving Primark at the moment. I wouldn't necessarily wear Primark for work, but for cheap and cheerful holiday clothes it's a godsend. I got a load of swimwear and summer pyjamas on Friday - I didn't try any of it on, and I was a bit worried about how much flesh would be exposed by the bikini, but it looks fine.

That's worth repeating. This time next week I may be hitting the pools wearing a size 12 bikini.

Me? This time last year I was in Budapest, visiting one of the spa baths. I think the swimming costume I was wearing was a size 20, and I'd just about managed to squeeze into some size 18 trousers for the first time in a couple of years, although they were still a one-off rather than me being a bona fide 18. My aims extended very little further than size 14 (and even that was a vague dream). So a size 12 bikini? Wow.

And what's more, my stomach doesn't actually look as bad as I'd feared. Sure, it's a bit wobbly and doesn't have the firmness that I crave. But it's passable. I might even wear that bikini without feeling the need to put something big and baggy over it, and feel good doing it.

(On a similar subject, yesterday I braved the open, naked, shower thing for the first time. The showers at my gym are in cubicles, but after the 10k I needed a shower before heading over to the rugby, and as it finished at a council leisure centre there were showers there. Except they were communal. I had actually remembered to take a towel - being used to my relatively posh gym whenever I end up in the council places I realise there's something I forgot and wimp out - so had no excuse. So with the naked, communal shower demon slayed, it's time for the bikini without a sarong and kaftan demon).

I think that it's when I'm trying clothes on that I really realise that I've made it here. I can try styles that just don't work on fat people, and I can pick up a size 12 and know that it will fit. I can go into a thin shop and realise that I don't even need the biggest thin shop size. And I'm going to enjoy wearing all my new thin clothes on holiday, and showing off what I've worked so hard to achieve.

I might even get round to taking that long overdue progress pic...


Blogger M@rla said...

I'm so excited for you! I DREAM of going on a holiday at a normal weight; it's one of my biggest non-health motivators. I suppose I'm overinfluenced by all the travel ads and magazines with the gorgeous, obviously rich people going to exotic places. Speaking of which, Spain is high on my list of destinations; can't wait to read all about it. Many photos please!

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