Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Treating myself...

So, the big day and I came to a decision. I actually tried to book a facial/back massage but the person who does them was only working til 6 today despite it saying it was open til 9. So... plan B.

I had thought of going to a gig this evening that was recommended in this morning's Metro, but midway through the day the plan shifted to a bit of retail therapy and a 3 course M&S meal in with nice music and wine, and candles and stuff.

And opening the bag, which I'm going to do very slowly savouring the moment. And blogging it slowly, too...

The plan is, roughly, to unveil a little more about the treat and the rest of the day (a couple of nice surprises!) between each course (appetiser - olives and ouzo, starter - mediterranean nibbles with salad and wine, main course - courgette and aubergine bake with mixed beans and wine, dessert - fruit tart and dessert wine - all nicely mediterranean themed with me only needing to get up from time to time to put stuff in the oven), leaving me time to unwrap.

So we'll start...

What would come in a bag like this?


Blogger VTH said...

Happy Birthday!

Can't wait to see what the retail therapy resulted in. Hope the day is just the start of another great year for you.

7:23 PM  

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