Monday, June 19, 2006

Down, down, down

Something strange is going on. Saturday's low weight was a nice surprise, but nothing compared to this morning's. I know I said I was planning a good weekend to make sure I saw 177 again, but instead I saw 155.5lb (70.3kg) Where did another two pounds go in the space of two days? What's happening? I'm treating that weigh in with a pinch of salt, but thinking about it it's just about possible. I ran 18 miles over the weekend, so call that 1800 calories. I also had a surprising lack of hunger, and more importantly I didn't feel like drinking much alcohol. Let's say a small glass of wine is 200 calories. There's another thousand or so unconsumed calories over the course of the weekend. I also didn't eat any chocolate and I didn't snack anywhere near as much as normal. Even with such a high mileage I just didn't feel that hungry, and didn't eat half the stuff I'd planned to eat over the weekend, let alone the snacks that I don't plan to eat as such but usually eat anyway. Compare that to last weekend when I ran a "mere" 6.2 miles, ate pizza, a three course meal, Ben and Jerry's (twice), among other things (and maintained). So maybe, just maybe, at least one of those pounds is fat. The other is quite possibly a lack of water retention caused by not drinking the wine and not eating salty snacks. I'll see whether it stays this low or whether it bounces back up again over the course of the week.

What I was actually going to write about before the scale sidetracked me was my shopping expedition yesterday. When we were in London last week I saw a top I really liked. Someone was wearing it, and I fell in love with it. I managed to find out where it was from, and I found it on the internet, but they didn't have my size. Never fear, there are real bricks and mortar shops, the closest one (ie the non-London one) being in Selfridges in the Trafford Centre. So I drove over to Manchester yesterday, found the top (in the right size) and bought it.

So what could inspire such a degree of lust that I'd make a trip to the Trafford Centre specifically to buy it? (I was going to Wigan anyway, but decided to take a little detour). Something nice for work? A top for my holiday?

Erm no. A running top. It is fantastic though. Bizarrely the link on the website doesn't work this evening (it was fine this morning), but it's bright pink and on the front it says "I only work out so..." and on the back "...I can get in my skinny jeans". It's not 100% true, as getting into my skinny jeans isn't the ONLY reason I work out, but it is a big advantage, and still being in awe of The Jeans and loving them to bits, it just summed up the way I feel when I wear them, like every second of exercise is worth it.

However, I do think this is a telling indication of where my priorities now lie! I get more excited about workout clothes than other stuff. What's more, my first purchase from Selfridges (hot on the heels of the first Harvey Nicks purchase) was workout stuff. My boss looked at me in despair when she realised how excited I was about my new top...


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