Tuesday, June 27, 2006

You might have to sit next to someone fat...

I keep forgetting that the trainee never knew the obese me. I think he knows what happened, but because he's never known me as that person, it's no something that he thinks about when he sees me. He's always know the fit, running me (I keep on scaring him with that, tee hee, he's planning on running the Great North Run in October - every Monday morning I ask whether he started training like he planned, he says no then asks me how far I ran, "oh, only 7 miles on Saturday and 14 on Sunday").

So I'd just been imparting my running wisdom when the conversation moved on to my trip down to London on Saturday. I said I'd decided to drive rather than going on the coach. He agreed that it was probably worth paying the extra on petrol for the extra time in bed it will buy me and to avoid the overnight coach journey from hell. (I've done it before, believe me, that description is pretty accurate). And anyway, he continued, on the coach you might end up sitting next to someone smelly... or fat.

What do you say to that? Show some solidarity with the person I used to be who did spill over onto the next seat? Mumble something and look away? Remind him gently that just because I'm fit and thin now he can't assume that I don't understand the feeling of embarassment when someone gets on the bus and looks all over for a seat with more room on it than the one next to you?

It's funny. I spend so much time thinking about how I see myself. Looking in the mirror, noticing the changes in my body. Looking at photos. I sometimes don't think about how other people see me. When did I become someone who you could slag off fat people too? When did I become the office guru on all things running and nutrition?


Blogger kathrynoh said...

One of the things I miss about being fat is getting a seat to myself on public transport!

While I hate people making anti-fat comments, I can understand not wanting to sit next a fat person on the bus - although I find those guys who insist on sitting with their legs spread as wide as possible far more annoying.

10:33 PM  
Blogger Special Lady said...

In a way those comments make me feel a little bad because it means that my suspicions were probably right about what the people sitting next to me on public transportation were thinking. I know I am not where I use to be but I still have my mother's hips...lol.

I don't have a problem sitting next to bigger people. What really annoys me is having someone next to you that won't sit still. After a while of being still you'll eventually get comfortable.

And I second the men spreading their legs. Their stuff is not that big, and it can't be uncomfortable becuase I see more and more men crossing their legs. Rambling, sorry...lol.

3:27 AM  
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