Monday, July 03, 2006


My dad's decided that he's going to pop back to the UK to see his mother. On Friday. "Seeing his mother" doesn't tend to equate to staying with his mother, so he'll be staying here, and that's not much notice to hide the evidence of my shocking domestic un-goddess-ness.

I can cook, and I can keep the place just about sanitary, but I've never really got the hang of basic domesic jobs. And as for the gardening, lets just say that I tend to go for the uncultivated look. I have no problems making things grow, the only problem would be finding them, I suspect... I dread to think what lurks in the garden. Possibly a tribe of pygmies, if I looked hard enough.

Ah well, it's not going to get done by Friday, so I'm not going to stress too much about it. I'll just tidy up a little bit, and save up a couple of jobs for him (like deciphering the mystery of why my kitchen lights don't work, or putting up a couple of pictures I've been meaning to do something with for a month or three.

The thing that worries me more is that I don't really have a good relationship with my dad. We never seem to have anything to talk about, and it always feels really awkward and stilted. I've always been closer to my mother, and to be honest I rarely spend time alone with my dad. Which probably shows in our relationship. I'm not sure we'll make any progress this time either, he actually arrives on Friday, I have plans on Friday night which he's not expecting me to cancel, a long run on Saturday morning, and then I get rescued from the one-on-one-ness of it all by flying over to Spain with him for 10 days with both my parents.

Speaking of which, it looks like my eating might be rather better than I was expecting. Not that my dad will be happy about this prospect. I think I've mentioned before that my mum isn't exactly sylph like, and tries, although not too hard to lose a bit of weight. I think she's pretty jealous of what I've achieved, and the way I've done it, but knows that hardcore exercise isn't for her.

Whenever she comes over she really enjoys what I cook and what I eat, but never really takes the lessons back over to Spain. Part of the problem is that dad is very much a meat and no veg type man, and when it's just her and him she finds it hard to persuade him of the merits of lentils and chickpeas and spinach. But when I go over there, she's really open to adapting what she normally makes. I suppose that makes me really lucky, and yesterday she emailed me asking me to bring some of my recipes with me for when I'm over. I think my mother is adapting to the concept of me as a vegetarian better than I am! Rather than sabotaging, or failing to understand why I am so obsessed with eating good food, she's taking the opportunity to try some of the things I eat, which is absolutely fab. I spent some of this evening scanning in some recipes to email over to her so that she can check she can get all the ingredients and let me know what sort of thing she fancies (I can't carry all the recipe books over sadly!)

I'm not claiming that this will make my eating perfect. We'll still be eating out a fair bit (possibly more than normal if my dad wants to get his meat fix!), and I'll still be drinking rather more red wine and beer than I should. And running less. But at least I might stand a better chance of feeling like I've got some planty nutrients into my diet and being a bit more on course than I used to be over there.


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