Saturday, August 12, 2006

Burger, chips and pizza

I seem to have got a bit lazy and uninspired with my cooking and eating recently. I've got busier at work, and a couple of not so good choices are starting to slip in. Not hugely bad, and carefully managed, but I've started doing things like getting a healthy-ish pizza (i.e. a small one, with lots of veggies) for a post long run treat.

This annoys me.

Not because they're bad things to eat. Today I had a little mini goats cheese and rocket as my post run treat. On the basis that I'd just run 20 miles, and burned off somewhere in the region of 2000 calories, a pizza that came in at less than 400 calories is hardly going to cause the world to end. I wanted something I didn't need to do anything to prepare, as I had no idea what state I'd be in by the finish, and pizza fit the bill!

No, why they annoy me is because I just don't actually enjoy them as much as I did.

Last night I went out to the rugby and, not having planned anything to eat in advance (and the weather was crappy so I didn't do what I sometimes do, and pick up things that I can eat picnic-stylee on the way up there), I decided to treat myself to a meal out. It was pre-long run day, so I decided that pretty much anything would go, and to make sure there were some carbs in there. I ended up having a chickpea burger on foccacia with some chunky chips and side salad. Nothing too disastrous nutritionally compared to what I used to eat, but just so disappointing.

The chips were good chips, I could tell that, as in good examples of their type. But they just tasted stodgy and tasteless to me. The burger was nice, but there was just too much food. Nothing (apart from the salad) had the freshness that I'm used to tasting, and I just felt weighed down by the food.

On one hand, it's nice to know that as a special treat I'd willingly choose strawberries and cream over pizza, but on the other hand, I don't want to turn into the sort of nutritional puritan who makes other people's lives hell when they attempt to eat together. I'd quite like to be able to enjoy a burger or pizza once in a while, in the knowledge that I don't do it often, rather than sitting there wishing they had a more inventive selection of salads and vegetable dishes. (Actually, to be fair they did have some decent looking salads last night, but I wanted something more carby so didn't choose one).

The only problem now is that I'm going to have to get my arse into gear and down to the supermarket because I've run out of food and I'm determined that for the rest of the weekend I'm going to eat virtuous, healthy homemade stuff to get the processed rubbish out of my system!


Blogger M@rla said...

My eating and my cravings have completely changed over the past three years. Sometimes I think I want pizza or chips or whatnot, and it never ends up tasting all that good, plus it usually makes me feel like crap the next day. I've gotten to the point where I can't really eat any type of processed/packaged food, it makes me sick. That's a hell of a thing! But I wouldn't go back for anything.

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