Thursday, September 21, 2006

6 months!

I promise you that for a change this isn't marathon related. Seriously!

No, this is just a short post to say that today is my 6 month anniversary of losing 100lb. I can't quite believe that it's been so long, time really does fly sometimes.

I'm getting more used to thinking of myself as thin, and I think this must be pretty much the first time I've maintained my weight within a 6 or 7lb range for a full 6 months - first it was going up, and then down. Now it's fairly stable. I go more by how The Jeans (which are worn constantly, they are so good, and the cost per wear ratio is almost becoming sane) feel. And whether I can wear a size 10.

I never thought that I'd get to the stage where I'd judge my weight by whether I fit into designer jeans and size 10 suits - admittedly I used to only know my size rather than my weight, but at that stage it was more the constant denial of the fact I wasn't a size 20 any more rather than hovering about on the 10-12 borderline.

More trainee news, she is officially in awe of me. Not only am I supremely good at my job, and therefore intimidating to someone who's just started, and not only am I fit enough to do that thing I said I wasn't going to mention, but she's started to notice the aromatic loveliness of my lunch every day. Of course, most people in the office are used to the constant stream of homemade food that gets carried into work, stored in the fridge and where necessary heated in the microwave. But she's still in the mouth open "you made that, where do you find the time?" phase.

Tomorrow though I'll have to disappoint her. I'm allowing myself a treat lunch of something nice and carby and decadent from the posh sandwich shop. Washed down with a bucket load of jaffa cakes...


Blogger Lee said...

SIX MONTHS! Thats awesome! Enjoy your carby lunch tomorrow - yummy cakes and they're all virtually guilt free as you know you'll be burning off those calories and a whole lot more with your run.

11:43 AM  

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