Saturday, September 16, 2006

Day Trip

I can't remember how long it is since I went to the cinema. I dread to think, really. I'm not a big film person, but I did want to see Volver. There was meant to be a Spanish trip to watch it, but I haven't been to Spanish for an age so don't know what's happening with that, and also it's meant to be while I'm in Berlin.

So, to tie into both my "getting out of a rut" and "learning Spanish in other ways" goals, I decided that I would go to watch it, no excuses. The original plan was to go on Saturday afternoon to the cinema in the Light after going to the veggie curry place, and I'm sure when I checked the times earlier in the week they were showing it, but when I checked this morning it was just listed for 9.10 tonight and 9.10 tomorrow. Now, I know it sounds sad and old, but going into town for a film at 9.10 is just a bit too late for me at the moment. I had plans for tonight anyway, but I don't like a late night on a Sunday.

So, I looked around on t'internet and decided to go over to Bradford to watch it, at the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television. That gave me an excuse for a bit more of a day out, as I had a bit of a mooch around the museum-y bits.

The shock news though was that I left the house with no idea of what I was going to eat. Normally I at least like to make a vague plan before heading out, but instead I left the house at about 10, knowing I wouldn't be back until nearly 5, and I didn't plan.

I've noticed how much more attentive I get to food and drink opportunities. Walking from the station my eyes were going left and right, with a mental commentary like "there's a Subway over there, which wouldn't be as bad as that takeaway over there if I can't find anything else". Constantly checking out various options. In the end the museum cafe had a surprisingly nice choice, and I had spicy parsnip soup with a lovely chunk of wholemeal bread before the film, followed by the nicest apple and nut cake on earth after it. It's a good job that cake lives in Bradford, that's all I can say.

As for the film itself, I was impressed by how much of the Spanish I could follow. Obviously the subtitles helped, but I could pick up a lot of the words, and even some of the times when the subtitles don't reflect quite what's actually said. So I must have made some progress.

I enjoyed actually getting out and doing something. It doesn't have to be anything flashy or overly exotic, just getting out of the house and going somewhere.

(But when I said it wasn't running related I kind of lied... On the way back to the train I spotted a HUGE running shop. I couldn't walk past and not go in...)


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