Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Wives and Girlfriends

First, the Hello style gossip of the day. My new trainee is going out with a professional footballer, which makes her a WAG. But still my slave for the next six months, tee hee.

I've never heard of the bloke, I've never heard of most professional footballers so that doesn't say much, but if she thinks she's got a Footballer's Wives style 6 months coming up, she's got another thing coming.

Today was a gentle introduction to the contract from hell and a dull seminar from some IT consultants. The champagne lifestyle, clearly! Although we did get some luke warm wine afterwards. Rock and roll.

The wives part of this post is a little closer to home. My sister's about to get engaged. This is clearly the big secret of the family, as it's known my most of my relatives and now it's out in cyberspace too.

She's over here at the moment*, and one of the tasks she's apparently set herself is to bag herself a ring from one of my grandparents that she can take the stone from and re-set it, because she wants something with a bit of family history. Once she finds the ring (or at least the stone for the ring), then it's apparently going to be made official.

Of course I'm happy for her. I actually vaguely like this boyfriend (although he's a bit blokey for my tastes, and it winds me up when he nicks my sky control and watches football when they're staying here and I want to watch something else), and they've been together a couple of years now. But it does make me feel old and spinsterish. I mean, my little sister's getting engaged, and here I am living the life of the eternal singleton.

I don't want to be in a relationship, or get engaged, or live a life other than the one I'm living now, but still it does bring home the fact the differences between our lives, and sometimes I wish that I could be the sort of person who wanted to settle down and nest with someone.

Of course, an imminent wedding means one other thing - the chance to dress up and look absolutely stunning! Now that's a reason to make sure I maintain for a while...

*She lands in the country, and has me running round in circles after her within an hour. I went out for a 5 mile run and got back in at about 7 to 5 missed calls (2 on the house phone and 3 on my mobile). My mind went into overdrive as I wondered what on earth had happened. It turned out that she'd pre-booked (and paid for) a hire car at the airport, but they wouldn't let her have it because she didn't have a credit card for the deposit they needed. Because her credit card was at my house (and my mother hadn't thought to take it back for her when she went back over to Spain on Saturday). So we arranged that she'd get the train to Leeds, I'd go to Leeds station with the card, I'd hand it over and then she'd go back to Manchester for the car. So having spent about half an hour sorting out this plan, and having to jump in and out of the shower to answer the phone when she called with a new update to the plan, I was running around all morning and ended up getting to work late - and of course my boss's husband spotted me between the station and the office at about 9.15 so there was no brazening it out on the basis that I made it to work before she did so she'd never have known...


Blogger Stephanie said...

I sometimes think that I would have preferred your system for qualifying as a lawyer! Ours is sort of the reverse- your clerkship, while in law school (if you even have one) is easy and overpaid, lots of champagne lunches and softball assignments...then you pass the Bar Exam and go into 80 hour workweeks- added to which most of us get licensed with absolutely NO practical experience at all!

Anyhow, enjoy giving hell to your trainee ;) I've been reading "Undomestic Goddess" and Samantha makes me think of you.

RE: the little sister getting married- I don't have a little sister, but I do know a little bit of what you mean. Sometimes I feel like everything exciting and wonderful that is ever going to happen to me is in the past, and that I'm just marking time as a spectator to other people's lives...

...but you WILL look smashing, so concentrate on that!

5:21 AM  
Blogger K said...

Ditto to what Stephanie said about being a spectator in your own life. I say this and I am married and all that.

Not that I don't like being married. But it does mean that sometimes you do have to let someone else dictate what's on the TV and so forth. There are things I'd like to do, but don't, which I would if I was single.

And when all's said and done, a wedding is just a chance for a good party and getting everybody together. It isn't the climax of every girl's existence, although there are plenty of people who act as though it is!

Be prepared for people asking you if you'll be next...

11:09 AM  
Blogger Lainey said...

so what's the footballer's name then?

11:36 AM  

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