Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Feeling Grotty

I had a lovely weekend down in London, but have been feeling a bit grotty since. Well, a bit during too.

Go Ape was fantastic, and I was surprised how unafraid I was of the zip wires and Tarzan swings. I had lots of chocolate in the afternoon, and then we went out for a nice but relatively civilised meal and couple of drinks. Far better than all out debauchery any day, I'm too old for all of that!*

The only fly in the ointment was that during Saturday night I started getting strange pains in my abdomen. They were bearable, but made me perhaps a bit less up for dancing and partying than I would have been otherwise. The pains seemed to die down overnight and at the rugby on Sunday, but came back with a vengeance on the way back to the train station and on the train back to Leeds. By the time I got to Leeds they were so bad that I almost got a taxi home (but then I ended up on the bus anyway, because I hate wasting money on taxis when the bus is free).

Monday got off to a bad start because I'd forgotten to change any of my clocks at home. I'd done my watch and my mobile down in London on the Sunday morning, but completely forgot when I got back in, so I ended up waking up, thinking "it should be lighter than this now that the clocks have changed" and then realising it was actually 5am. Doh. From then on the day got worse. The pains came back while I was at work, and I was too tired and grumpy to be in a particularly good state of mind to cope with them. I was meant to be going to running club after work and actually went so far as to eat the pre-run meal I'd brought in to work with me, but that set the pains right back off again, including nausea this time, so I ended up going home and straight to bed. I was feeling so rubbish that I didn't even read the new RW which arrived while I was at work.

Tuesday, so far, seems better. There have been a couple of twinges, but it's been far more bearable. It's not even fatty food that's setting it off, I had a bag of dried apricots and got a bad reaction. Yesterday I had a vegetable and wheat free pasta hotpot. Detox heaven, but it still didn't help.

The pains are odd. It seems to be further up than my stomach, somewhere around the lower end of my ribs. It almost feels like someone's kicked me really hard in the ribs. Sometimes, when it's bad, there's a continuous dull pain there, the rest of the time I can only feel it when I press on the area or move it, more like it's a bruise. It's very definitely more on the right hand side which got me worrying that it was a gall bladder problem, but I'm still crossing my fingers that it's just a stomach bug or something. It does seem to be affected by what I eat, so I don't think that I actually have been kicked in the ribs (I was wondering whether it was something from when I fell running last Wednesday, or from Go Ape). Also, I don't think it's something from the weekend because last week I had an attack of very similar pains for about an hour or so on Tuesday lunchtime. I just thought it was indigestion or something, because they went away fairly quickly, but now I'm not so sure. That would rule out it being something from the fall too.

Anyway, I'm strangely proud of myself for not exercising. Yes, exercise is good for you, but I must remember that it's not necessarily good for you when you're ill or injured. I was stupidly determined to run yesterday (partly because I wanted to hit 100 miles for the month, and am about 3 short), and it took a lot of persuading to remind me that it's OK to have a day off when I'm not feeling right, and that sleeping is far better for me in that situation than running. I am starting to get itchy feet and wanting to actually do something though!

*By the way, speaking of all out debauchery, if you live in Edinburgh (or are intending to be there in late May next year for some reason), please pop on over to my running blog for an invite to my birthday party.


Blogger kathrynoh said...

I'd go to the doctor and get it checked out. You can't be too careful when it comes to your innards - esp if it's bad enough to stop you running.

Funny, I was just thinking today how once I'd go to the doctors and they'd always tell me I needed to exercise. Now when I go, they seem to always tell me to take a break!

6:38 AM  

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