Saturday, October 07, 2006

There is life outside running?

Over the past week I've still been running a bit, but I seem to have got some more balance back. Mum's here, and we've been doing stuff, I've been doing some cross training, and I've been making plans for weekends away that aren't entirely running related. It makes a change!

Today should be the big autumn shopping trip to York, plus we've found a fantastic looking veggie restaurant on the internet which should be gorgeous looking at the menus. I seem to be fitting into a size 10(!) (US6) more and more often, and I'm a pretty comfortable 12 now. That's nice. One of my friends is pretty much the same size on the bottom but bigger on top, and for the first time ever I can swop tales of changing rooms and which 10s fit, and which don't. Before I'd have been in entirely different shops. In fact, the scary thing is that in some shops I'm now wearing the smallest size instead of the biggest!

I've weighed myself a couple of times this week with having gone back to the gym a bit more. (I did feel smug when someone asked me where I'd been, I said I'd been running. They said "so did you do the GNR then?", and I proudly replied that I'd done a full rather than a half!). My weight seems pretty stable around the 70kg/11 stone mark. I might feel motivated to get that down more at some point, but not just yet.

Bloody Ryanair got back to me about the free flight voucher I sent them last month and said they weren't going to let me use it because it was non-transferable. I half expected that, but didn't know how stringent their checks would be - after all the discount I would have got wouldn't have been much more than £15 as I still had to pay the taxes etc and the fare had gone down since I faxed the request over. But instead of paying the extra and still going to Riga I had a rethink. At the moment I don't feel the urge to go traipsing round the world on my own, I think I actually crave some company at the moment. So instead of meeting up with my friends in Manchester for a pre-Christmas drink and coming home on the train I'm staying over in a hotel with one of them who's travelling from further away and turning it into a 2 day shopping/drinking trip rather than a quick couple of hours meetup.

And then I'm considering a post-christmas trip to York, again to stay in a hotel/B&B even though it's almost within running distance - just about 26 miles. I'm doing a big half marathon, and loads of people from the RW forum are doing it, with a post race social and a pre-race meetup on the Saturday. I'm actually considering going up on Friday night after work and staying til Monday morning rather than just staying on Saturday night. Rather than spending my money on airport taxes, car parking and petrol to get to the airport I might just have extra nights away and explore places that are a little closer to home, but no less nice for that.

Anyway, shopping is calling so I must go!


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Have fun!

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