Saturday, November 25, 2006

Bliss and Bribery

I had a lovely night last night. Today is the big photoshoot so I wanted a bit of pampering (and to shave my legs!). I wanted to have a bath, and scented candles, and nice girlie stuff.

But fortuitously I needed to buy supplies on the way home from work. This allowed me to get through the afternoon with bribery "you can't buy it if you go to the chocolate machine this afternoon". I need a bit of help with willpower sometimes, and yesterday was one of those days!

In the end I made it through chocolate free, and got myself some yoga stuff too. So I did yoga for an hour (I'd forgotten how inflexible I am - I hate those forward bends because my hamstrings are just too tight!), then had a nice soak and pamper, and then slept like a baby. I might have to make that a regular relaxation routine, I feel so much more refreshed this morning.


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