Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Cure!

How to make me feel better in two easy steps:

1) Decide to go to Spain next weekend
2) Go for a run (and get my new running club vest)

I'm not entirely pain free, but a lot better than I was, and while I was running I actually felt better than I have all week. I'd been worried it would set it off and make it worse, but it actually relieved it for a while. So 6 miles under the belt, and I've got a hilly 10 mile race at the weekend which should be interesting. At least I've got a run out of the way before then as I wouldn't want to turn up at a race not sure whether I'd be able to run at all.

And the holiday. Despite my reputation for taking loads of holidays, I've actually got loads of days left due to my careful use of bank holidays and weekends, which I need to take before the end of the year. I was waiting for a deal I'm working on to finish, and getting more and more worried that I'd run out of time - then today I got a call from the client and it's being put on hold for a couple of weeks, so I'm taking the opportunity to get over to see my family.

I've not quite booked the flights yet, I want to do that tomorrow when I've cleared it with a couple of people at work, but I'm fairly sure that in 10 days time I'll be in sunny Gran Canaria and away from this horribly cold winter weather! My mum's got a new kitten for me to play with too, which should be fun. I've not been over there since July, so I can't wait to get back there.

10 days!!! I'm so excited!!!


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