Sunday, December 03, 2006

Moderation and Restraint

I had another really good weekend, this time I went over to Manchester for the now traditional pre-Christmas meet up with my university friends. Every year we start trying to plan something in summer, realise that the first weekend we can all do is in December, and decide to do it then. One year we'll get round to having that BBQ...

But anyway, we met up, and we had fun again. Although it is rather scary how old we're all getting. I can't believe that I've known them for a whole decade! Where did the time go? And when did we start having conversations about furniture and houses, and move out of pubs when loud music comes on, roaming the streets of Manchester to find somewhere quieter? And go back to the hotel to bed at a civilised time, waking up hangover free the next morning? When we lived together and went on nights out like the one in the picture I don't remember many hangover free mornings, I have to say...

I was quite proud of myself overall. I did drink, but nowhere near as much as I could have done. I was quite worried that I would be the only one of us who had changed, got older and wiser, and that the others would want to drink like we were 18 again. But no, it wasn't just me, and while I had a decent amount to drink over the course of the evening, bearing in mind that we were out for over 6 hours after an early meet up (to give us plenty of time before that early night), it wasn't too bad at all.

And as for food, I astounded myself. Mid evening I felt like I needed something to eat, and ordered a veggie burger and chips in one of the bars we were in. It came, and, unusually for me, particularly when drinking, I only ate the burger and left the chips. I just didn't fancy them, and I didn't feel obliged to eat them. I let the others finish them off, and I was satisfied. (OK, so I had some crisps too later to soak up the last drink or so, but it still wasn't as bad as it could have been).

Today I ended up coming back to Leeds pretty early. I just didn't fancy going anywhere near the shops. I've done most of my Christmas shopping online this year, and just can't face the crowds and the spending and the madness of it all. So I decided that instead I'd head back to Leeds early and do something I've been meaning to do for ages - go and try the buffet lunch at Hansa's. That was a good plan, a very good plan indeed. I'll be back (in fact, I don't think I had anything planned for next Sunday). I may have eaten more than I was intending, but most of what I ate was salad and dahl, rather than rice and naan, so it wasn't too indulgent, honest. And in my defence I did skip gorging myself on the buffet breakfast at the hotel and just had some yoghurt before heading back, as preparation.

Now I just need to brace myself for next week. Running club on Monday, the Christmas lights run on Tuesday, a client do on Wednesday, some sleep on Thursday and the schoolgirl fancy dressing work christmas party on Friday. Time to put that new mature attitude to alcohol to the test!


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