Saturday, January 13, 2007


I've got my appraisal coming up at work on Monday, and it got me pondering about where I want to go with my career. The general conclusion is, not in the direction that work would prefer to steer me towards. I don't dislike my job as such, but it dawned on me that as I progress through the firm I'll end up doing more of the stuff I don't like and less of the stuff that I do. I loved it when I was a trainee and I could go away and research an interesting bit of law, and when I was a student and I could just learn. What I don't like is the whole client care, fee earning, schmoozing side of it. I love the law, but I don't like being a lawyer. The targets they set me at work don't motivate me because I don't want the rewards I'd get for achieving them. I don't want to be an associate particularly, so why would I work my guts out to achieve it? I get easily sidetracked when I'm doing a job if I find an interesting bit of law to read about. It might not be relevant to the client, and it might not be chargeable, but I find it far more interesting than "earning fees".

In late 2005 an academic job caught my eye, but i didn't go for it. I'm quite glad I didn't, and that I gave what I'm doing more of a chance, to see whether I could grow into my role as it changed. But it's getting more and more clear that I haven't, so maybe it's time to think about other directions I could take my career in. I'm clear that I don't want to move to another firm to do what I do. If I'm going to do this, I'll stick where I am. I don't want to move for the sake of moving. But if I could find something that ticks more of the right boxes, then maybe I should think about taking a deep breath and just going for it, to see what happens.


Blogger Kate said...

I'm in litigation and find that it gives me a chance to be academic and a lawyer, but can definitely see where you're coming from. And there's nothing exciting about working insane hours to get the billables when all you get for becoming an associate is less law, more client time and higher billable targets!

1:28 AM  
Blogger Jilly said...

I hope your appraisal went well.

9:29 PM  

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