Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Extra Large Boy

(No, not a valentines day secret admirer...)
Finally being smaller has saved me money. I went to buy a new Wigan replica shirt and ended up buying a junior size rather than adults because it fit better. The neck was a bit smaller and it's more of a struggle to get my head through it, but elsewhere it just seemed to fit that bit more nicely. Yes, the adult small was a bit on the big size. Never thought I'd say that, I remember the last time I bought a replica top I bought the biggest size they did and it was too tight (there were lots of complaints that year, and I think the year after they brought out a bigger range of sizes).
So anyway, the label inside the shirt says "extra large boy". Wrong in so many ways, but as well as fitting better it was £10 cheaper so I'm not going to complain! (I think the boys sizes fit better because of my complete lack of anything resembling cleavage, maybe the adults shirts are designed to accommodate man boobs which is why they seemed too baggy across the chest area...)
It takes me back, I remember a friend of mine always used to buy childrens t-shirts from Gap because they were cheaper. Meanwhile I was struggling to find the biggest adult sizes. Maybe I ought to go back in there and see what I can find now I'm officially a child again.

I'm not going to be grumpy about valentines day. It still winds me up when people think I'm actually interested in their love lives, or depressed about my lack of one. I don't care, and I'd rather go out for a run (as I did) than console myself with wine or chocolate. But it still made me smile when a male friend sent me a nice message. In an entirely platonic way (he's happily married and old enough to be my father. Plus he's a Saints fan). But it was still nice to have someone thinking of me.


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