Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I'm back...

...and I ran home from work. Woo hoo indeed.

I've also come up with another stupid idea to add to my catalogue of stupid ideas. The latest one (which isn't actually the most stupid idea I've had recently, but the granddaddy of stupidity might be on hold so I'm not blogging it yet) is to run two 10k races on the same day.

As you do.

Even though I've seen promotion for the Pulse Race a few times, I've never actually done it. It's in the park down the road (where there's no Race for Life this year - boo hiss), and I quite fancy a race round there. But the first few years I lived here I didn't run, and last year I was on holiday. The date I've seen for this year is 24th June.
Except this year there's also the Run for All on the 24th June. In the city centre, and getting the sort of promotion that makes you think it might be something that goes onto great things, and you'd like to be involved in the first one. Plus, who can deny Jane Tomlinson a bit of fund raising? (Even at £18 for a 10k, grumble grumble)
So two 10ks I'd quite like to do, in the same city, on the same day. Just typical. Or is it... On closer inspection the Run for All starts at 9am. Last year the Pulse Race started at 11. The two races are no more than three or four miles apart. Hmm.
Hmm indeed.
But it gets worse. If you're going to be doing two races, you need a reliable way of getting between them. Without getting caught up in traffic or having parking problems when you arrive at the last minute for the second race. What could be more reliable than...
(you know what's coming, don't you?)
My main concern is that if the Run for All is anything like the Abbey Dash it would take half an hour to get out of the finish area so it might not be feasible, but equally, they might put the Pulse Race back a bit (there are no proper details for this year's race yet). Distance wise I'm not worried. The Run for All doesn't look like a PB course anyway (and certainly not with 10,000 runners on it), and the Pulse Race could just be a gentle trot round before going home. I'm happily doing long runs of 15 miles at the moment, so it's not impossible. It would be quite fun, two 10ks on the same day. (And I might relent and get the bus between them, if I was confident that one was going to turn up once I've looked at the timetables).
(And yes, the other stupid plan was even more stupid than this one. It involved mileage that triggers the use of the word "ultra".)

As I said, I'm feeling better again ;)


Blogger Ali said...

You're impressively mad YP.

I aspire to be just as mad, one day :D

12:06 AM  
Blogger Kate said...

That's certifiable.. But awesome!

12:03 AM  

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