Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I'm still alive

And my fat clothes have gone! I've been a healthy weight for over a year, and at (sorry, below) goal for 11 months or so. And I've just got round to chucking them out. They weren't good enough for the charity shop or ebay, and I don't know why I kept them because they weren't even good enough for me to wear if the unthinkable happened and I gained weight.

But now they're gone, and it's kind of a marker that I'm not going back there. Not if I can help it.

(The really bizarre thing is that some of my "fat" clothes are size 14. Size 14 for **** sake. That used to be my goal, and now they hang off me. Wow).

Anyway, I'm trying to have a disciplined week to make up for the fact that I'm off to Spain for the weekend. And to make up for the stuff I ate when my parents were here. It was strange. I actually managed to get annoyed about the fact that my mother had bought a perfectly healthy soup for us to eat, when I could have cooked something so much nicer with the veg that I'd bought anyway. They needed to be cooked, we needed to eat, yet for her the solution was to buy some soup? I really must teach her better...

Right, I must head off and get myself an early night. There might not be too much sleeping over the weekend.


Blogger Ali said...

Hooray for getting rid of fat clothes. What a great feeling that must be.

And an even bigger hooray for getting your house back. I *know* just how good that one feels!! :D

4:55 AM  

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