Sunday, March 25, 2007

Run, Sleep, Eat, Work

It's a constant cycle at the moment. My routine works, and it's getting results (a 1:43:04 half today!), but sometimes it seems like there's not much time for anything else. I even missed the rugby on Friday because it didn't fit in with my priorities for the weekend as well as getting a rare night in and some rest.

I'm not complaining, as such, but what's interesting is the things that make way when life gets hectic, and the things that are immovable fixtures in my routine. Having a late night at a running club social and don't fancy getting up the next morning to run? Run before instead. Getting weeks behind on Lost and Desperate Housewives. Fine. It can wait.

I've started to realise how much time I've managed to waste over the years doing stuff like watching tv when I could actually be doing something. At the moment doing something is running, and I love it, but even reading something with a bit of quality, or listening to new music are working their way up the priority list.

On the other hand, I'm looking forward to the day after the marathon when I've booked myself a holiday. I'm flying straight from Edinburgh to Madrid, having a day shopping there, then going on to GC to spend my birthday with my family, not to mention letting my legs recover from the marathon. 10 whole days of relaxation, to recharge the batteries. Fantastic.


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