Thursday, March 29, 2007


The last few days (although not today unfortunately) have been beautiful. It really feels like spring is here, and summer is on its way fast. The evenings are light now the clocks have changed, the sun is out, and it's warming up a little.

It's also brought home to me yet again how I've changed. What I'm looking forward to about summer isn't BBQs or beer gardens or ice cream, it's daylight to run in, parks to explore, salads and strawberries.

Tuesday evening was the most perfect running weather I could imagine. Bright and sunny, warm enough not to need to wrap up, cool enough not to overheat, light. I was on a rest day from running so went for a walk round the park on the way home from work because I couldn't face sitting inside all evening, and I was so jealous of the people who were out there running, making the most of it. I wanted to run more than I wanted to sit in the sunshine with a book and a drink. I wanted a bike so I could head off into the countryside for an hour or so. I'm so looking forward to exploring on Saturday's long run.

I'm looking forward to those cool early morning runs before the day warms up, the soft diffused light of evening, seeing the countryside change around me as the summer wears on. The smell of trees and woodland and lakes, even the farm smells that bring back summer holidays spent tearing around country lanes on a bike and building dens in a field of long grass.

This is why I've been slogging away all winter. Monday's run was a joy, getting off road and running through parks and woods on a light sunny evening. All those housing estates and main roads over winter were a necessary evil to get me to a place where the first day of spring gets me lacing up my trainers and heading out of the door without a second thought. I'm ready to make the most of it from day one.

This summer just seems so full of potential and hope. I have new friends, new interests, new goals. I feel alive. I'm not dreading the feeling of my thighs chafing, or sweating in the hot weather. I want to get out there and enjoy it, spend my time outside as much as I can for a few months. Make myself a salad and carry it down to the park to eat rather than sitting in front of the tv. I want to feel free and alive. I want this to be a good year.


Blogger Lightning said...

Wasn't Tuesday GLORIOUS??? I wanted to run too, but was all snarky about my knee instead. Blah! I think I've caught the bug!

I'm also most looking forward to strawberries this summer.

3:22 PM  
Blogger hayley, 26 said...

I've just written a post about the horrors of the coming summer, (same old heat and clothing dilemmas) and then I checked your post... Of course summer is amazing, England gets all beautiful and even the English get a little better. Thanks for a little perspective. x

2:09 PM  
Blogger Alicia said...

I have just been so inspired by your entry. I used to love trail running. I have been way out of shape for a really long time now and am just starting again. Thanks for the bit of inspiration!

4:10 PM  
Blogger Judi Finneran said...

I was so moved and inspired by the hope and joy in your message. I have no doubt this will be a wonderful year for you. Congrats on your wonderful accomplishment. I have lost 29.5 of my goal of 185 I am planning on releasing and you made my day.


7:53 PM  

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