Sunday, April 15, 2007


There are some weekends that you have high hopes for, then they flop, and others which turn into stunners from unpromising beginnings. When I told a friend on Friday that I was going to Huddersfield for the weekend, her response was "why?". Admittedly it's only just down the road and will never be top of the list of places to visit in West Yorkshire, let alone the wider world, but it just worked like that. We were going to a charity do on the Saturday night and had a rugby match on the Sunday, so it didn't make sense to drive home, even if it was just 20 or 30 minutes away. And it gave us an excuse to stay in the birthplace of rugby league, the George Hotel.

Saturday night was fanstastic. The company made it, and sitting in the hotel bar at 4am talking drunken rubbish is something I must do more often. I didn't drink too much, or at least I didn't have a hangover this morning, but I kept myself nicely topped up. That may have made me drunkenly agree to run another marathon, but with sober hindsight, that was a good decision.

Today we had the morning to kill before the match, and went up to Holmfirth. The farmers market was on, and there were plenty of cafes to sit in enjoying the sunshine. We found a lovely organic veggie cafe for lunch (not exactly the sort of place you'd find Nora Batty!), then headed back into Huddersfield for the game. Again, it reminded me that you don't need to go far to find somewhere to visit and get a bit of a break. It was a really lovely morning.

Other highlights from the weekend - I finally summoned up the courage to wear leggings with a short dress (I've worn the dress over jeans before). I actually really liked how I looked, and I'm liking the leggings thing. I never thought I'd be seen in public in leggings and a size 10 dress!


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