Wednesday, April 18, 2007


For someone who's not looking for a new job, I'm doing a remarkably good job of speaking to people about them.

First up there was a conversation I had with a recruitment agent the other week. I saw a job advertised which described me perfectly, so I got some more information about it. It turned out that, after a little thought, I decided not to proceed. Bizarrely this was more on "moral" grounds than anything else. The job would have been essentially legal PR for a product which I am not a fan of from a moral point of view. I wouldn't have been happy lobbying against laws intended to stamp it out, because to be quite honest, I would have a lot of sympathy for attempts to regulate that area. I meant to write about it at the time, but things have been hectic with mum here.

Then today I was completely and utterly thrown. I got a phone call completely out of the blue pretty much offering me a job in house at one of my clients. I'm meeting with her tomorrow to discuss it and, while she didn't quite say it's mine if I want it, I get the impression that the meeting is more for her to persuade me that I want the job than for me to persuade her that I could do it.

I'm flattered (and happy to find that my reaction wasn't "they must have made a mistake to headhunt me" but more "well, I am good after all"), but I know I can't take a job on flattery alone. Bad analogy alert, but I don't buy size 10 skirts just because they fit me. I only buy them when they actually look good on me. Same with a job. Just because they want me doesn't mean it's the right job for me, or that other, better opportunities won't come along.

Equally, I can't turn it down just because of loyalty to my current team. This is quite a tricky situation because the job is actually working with my boss's husband, although he doesn't know about it yet, and neither does she. He used to work here too then was headhunted by them a year or so back, and has spoken highly of me so now they're looking to recruit again she's coming back to fertile territory. So that would be interesting at home if I did decide to move, not least because I know it would mess with my boss's plans if I were to leave. She's still on maternity leave, and no doubt planning to come back part time again, but with no number 2 to cover, there would be a gap there. But I can't put my career on hold just because it would make her life harder.

This time there's more temptation in my head. I like the company, I have no problems with what they do, and having read through their website they provide facilities for people who want to run or cycle to work. Shallow, but I can easily be swayed by the prospect of bike racks and a shower, given my new "let's cycle to work" idea. If they threw in a microwave it would be perfect... You can see their office from mine so no tricky changes to my normal routine, and is actually right next to the bus stop to get to running club.

I guess I'm open to hearing what she has to say. I can't let my fear of change, or my fear of my boss's reaction stop me progressing my career if the job sounds like it's the best one to do that, but equally I'm not in a position where I need to jump as soon as I can. Part of me wants to string things out for a couple of weeks until pay review time on 1 May so that I can see how much my current firm value me (to be honest, after covering for Joanne for 6 months and hitting target 2 weeks early, if there isn't a decent pay rise I won't be happy). It really does come down to what she says tomorrow. I suppose there's a level at which it would be stupid to refuse, and equally there's a level at which it's not worth the hassle of moving, both in terms of money and the precise make up of the work I'd have to do.

I will update you when I know more!


Blogger K said...

Sounds exciting! I hope you find your course fairly clear... but as you say, it's flattering that they want you.

I would love a shower at my work, but since there are only five of us in the building, I don't see it ever happening... Still, we get free fruit.

That last entry was brilliant, by the way.

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