Friday, June 08, 2007

Back in the Saddle

In a very literal sense.

I had a fantastic holiday. I rested, because I needed to rest. I didn't run a single mile until Thursday (three whole days without running!) and even when I started doing a bit I didn't do more than 3 miles. I didn't sky dive because the plane was being serviced and the only day it was available my sister and her boyfriend were working, but instead I took my mother's credit card on a spending spree in Zara. So it worked out nicely...

I ate cake, and I drank, but I also ate lots of nice salads and I was a lot better than I usually am in Spain. Yes, you can get really cheap burger and chips meal, but so what if the nice salad in the posh restaurant is a couple of euros more - what I eat is important enough to me for it to be worth it. Buying a new top is an external thing, what I eat becomes part of me. So if I have to choose between them, I'll have the expensive meal any time.

And now I'm back. I got in late on Wednesday, then went out for a curry on Thursday so by this evening I was ready to drop, but I've not got too much planned for the weekend at least.

But today was the big day. Due to a fortuitous combination of my car being absolutely buggered (it's in the garage tomorrow for new brakes, so it should be sorted soon), having a new bike and no longer being in damage prevention pre-marathon mode, I decided to make today my first day for cycle commuting.

It was fine on the way in. Into work is mainly downhill. I barely worked up a sweat, and my HRM laughted at me. Even the max HR was below what I usually clock up running, and the average was barely more than a brisk walk.

The way back was a bit more tricky. I kept on cycling and didn't need to walk the bike up any hills, but looking at the HR stats (and the length of time it took me) you can tell the difference. I'm not aiming for speed on the bike at the moment anyway, just transport from A to B (even so, it is much quicker than the bus), but you can tell the difference.

And then, having done just over 5 miles each way, I realised I had no food and needed to go to the supermarket. So I cycled there too. Another couple of miles each way. mind you, it's a great way to reduce food bills and avoid temptation from unsuitable food. Because I could only buy what I could fit in my rucksack I had to stick to the essentials that were on my list rather than going round thinking "mmm... cherry pie..."

The plan for the next few weeks is to do 2 or 3 days per week on the bike, when I'm not going to running club. Once I'm a bit used to it (and I might be buying padded shorts tomorrow...), I might try using it on running club days too. We'll see.


Blogger fluffyhelen said...

Not to be crude or anything but your ass is going to hurt SO much tomorrow. =)

It's worth it though. I applaud your dedication to cycling! I shall be purchasing of a bike as soon as I have some money too. =)

10:25 PM  
Blogger Kerydwenn said...

That's the best way of cycling. :) Going from A to B, no worrying about being bored doing that in a gym, whatever... (And the ass only hurts in the beginning, after a while it's going to be better. ;))

I still need to find a cheap, second-hand bike, but as soon as I can get one (this month or early July at the latest, I hope), I am SO going to the office by bike. I have no idea how many miles this will make, but I know that by bus + tramway I need about 50 minutes. It probably won't take more by bike...

9:55 AM  
Blogger Xena said...

I agree on the need for padded shorts to protect your delicate bits! Have fun with your new bike.

10:24 PM  

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