Thursday, July 26, 2007


Ah well, it had to happen some time. Today I had my first "back on the bike after last time" collision. Last time being some time around the year 2000 and involving a pedestrian walking across a cycle lane without looking.

I was feeling really proud of myself for doing a 15.5 miler on the way to work instead of the direct 5 mile route (complete with daring to take my hands off the bars to indicate), and for filtering up the outside of traffic safely so that I could get into a cycle lane which went straight on because the rest of the traffic would be forced left. The cycle lane goes against the flow of a one way street, and has a solid kerb separating it from the other carriageway.

As I was cycling along it I could see someone crossing the road. I knew that he would step out onto the cycle path without looking in the opposite direction. I rang my bell twice.

And the idiot stepped out into me anyway.

Thankfully unlike last time I stayed on the bike, and probably gave him a bigger bruise than any damage I did to myself. I tried to keep my torrent of abuse to a minimum, and rode off. I was a bit shaky for a few minutes, but recovered for the rest of the ride home thankfully.

I suppose at least I've got it over with!


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