Sunday, July 01, 2007

Smoke Free

Today I went out for a celebratory July 1st Sunday lunch, to make the most of the smoking ban. Actually, the place where I went on Friday night was non-smoking then anyway, and I suspect that the place I went to for lunch might have been before, or at least I've never noticed any smoke when I've been in there. But still, I wanted to go out and make the most of the clean air.

Because I was going to a buffet place (healthy food on the buffet - salads and the like, but still with plenty of opportunity for overeating), I dragged myself out of bed for a long run before that. It was actually the first long run I've done since Edinburgh where I've really felt like I could have carried on going, which considering I made it up to 14.5 miles, which was 2.5 miles further than I've done in the past month, I was really pleased with. It was pretty slow (for me) because I ended up going off road quite a bit, and it was still muddy from all the rain we've been having. But apart from where I had to walk to avoid falling, it was a good steady run, and I'm starting to get a bit of confidence back that I can build up for another marathon.

At least the weather held off while I was out for a run. I'm just so fed up of the rain now, I wish that there would be some sign of a proper summer. Mind you, when it arrives I'll probably complain that I'm too hot when I'm out running. It's been an experience commuting in on the bike in the rain. I do think I'm mad when I'm getting absolutely soaked, but there's something very satisfied about being able to get through the city centre when it's gridlocked because of all the flooding.

Friday night I was out with the running club girls. I may have drunk a bit too much red wine, but at least I realised in time, stopped and went home. I dread to think what would have happened if I'd carried on. It's ages since I was out in town on a Friday night. I'm still not convinced about the whole going out drinking thing, crowded expensive bars where you can't hear the conversation anyway, but it's nice once in a while.

This post doesn't really have any unifying theme or insight, but hopefully I'll be able to come up with something a bit more interesting soon.


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