Thursday, September 06, 2007

Corporate Social Responsibility

I had a really good day today. We had a Corporate Social Responsibility event, which basically involved going to some moorland near Doncaster and pruning back trees so that the footpaths were cleared. We teamed up with a firm of accountants, and it was surprisingly good fun. It helped that the weather was good, and it was the sort of day where I'd usually sit in my office wishing I could be outside.

I do think that CSR things tend to be more about being seen to do things, and led by marketing departments rather than because the firm really cares about footpaths in South Yorkshire, but it was still something that I enjoyed having the opportunity to do. As I spend more time outside running, cycling and walking, I'm learning to appreciate the value of public open spaces, and the work that goes into keeping them useable, so it was nice to be able to put something back.

My arms are scratched to bits, and I needed a rummage in the first aid box after sawing my leg (don't ask!), but it feels nice to get some fresh air. The question is - will it feel like I've worked out in the morning, as I don't often use my gardening muscles...

Afterwards we went to the pub for food (all that work must have burned off loads of calories ;) ), and drinks, and it was there that one of my irrational fears made an appearance. I am terrified of taxis. There is very little rational basis to it, but I struggle to bring myself to use them (in fact, this is one of the things that worries me about being car free - it would almost certainly be cheaper to get a taxi home from running club than to use a car club car, but I just don't like taxis...). Anyway, I'd come up with a complicated exercise/transport plan for the week (the two are becoming almost synonymous as my commute to work is essentially either a run or a bike ride) which got me to work this morning to change into stuff I'd left at the gym having run to running club last night, and then left me free to get the bus home. I only had about £3 in my wallet, but that was OK because the bus wouldn't cost that much and drinks were free.

But in the pub a colleague who lives near me suggested sharing a taxi home. I'm sure that people don't understand that I'd actually rather get the bus home than get in a taxi. Not to mention that I didn't actually have the cash on me to pay for it, having left the house in the morning with the plan of getting the bus. He probably thought he was doing me a favour by offering to share, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

Irrational fears, don't you just love them?


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