Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Keep on Going

If nothing else, this last few weeks must have done wonders for my ability to keep on going when I'm convinced that I have no energy left - which will hopefully help with marathon training. I've been all over the place, trying to fit family, and work, and running, and everything else in. If I look at it all, it can get overwhelmingly daunting, but when I break it down into individual tasks, I persuade myself to get through one more thing, and then another.

This weekend was just about as horrifically tiring as I thought it would be. The rugby on Friday night was fantastic, but not exactly restful. Then I raced on Saturday morning (finishing 4th woman in a 5 mile race! The worrying thing being that I was kicking myself for not trying a bit harder and finishing 3rd - although there weren't any prizes anyway, personal pride was at stake). I drove 315 miles to pick my mother up from Humberside Airport, drop her off in Blackpool, visit my grandmother in hospital and drive home again. I then dragged myself out of bed early on Sunday, travelled down to London, and did a 17 mile run because it was the only time I could fit it in. I then collapsed, ate pizza, and only felt slightly refreshed by yesterday morning when I had to sit through a dull, and long, IT contracts conference. Then the train home, getting back at about 10.15pm. After that, it made a gentle cycle to work and a day in the office seem like a rest.

I seem to be just as busy this week, with a weekend in Newcastle for the Great North Run following on from the annual client party at work. I'd really rather not go to that, but suspect it wouldn't look good if I skived. Which wouldn't be a good idea while my associate application is still going through. In a last ditch attempt to look half decent on tv on Sunday I am managing to squeeze in a hair cut though - watch out for us if you're watching, the BBC are meant to be featuring us, and we've got a tv crew from Granada following us too.

Then it's the taper for Amsterdam, and I've never looked forward to something quite so much. I've been half wondering whether I shouldn't give up on Amsterdam, with being so tired at the moment, but I figured that I only really needed one more long run anyway, so I may as well put my training to some use even if I think I'm unlikely to get GFA unless my stress levels rapidly decrease and my energy levels rapidly increase in the near future!

Anyway, I'm still hanging in there, just about. I'll be glad when all this madness is over though!


Blogger Shauna said...

busy busy bee... good on you for juggling it all :) will definitely look out for you on the telly!

10:25 PM  

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