Sunday, January 06, 2008

Ilklely Moor baht shoes

Today I decided to make the most of my new found spare time, and the fact that the weather was relatively decent, to have a day out. For the first time in ages I felt like I had the energy to spend a free day actually doing something rather than just curling up and trying to get some rest.

So today, it was time to have some adventures with a metrocard. One of the things I like about public transport is the ability to do point to point walks rather than having to get back to your car at the end, so I got myself a day train/bus card, and I headed off. I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but I knew that the ticket gave me the flexibility to change my plans if something else took my fancy.

After getting the bus into town I got the train to Shipley. I had a bit of a wander along the canal, keeping an eye out for any signs of old lock keepers cottages, and made my way to Saltaire. I had a bit of a wander round, although it was pretty quiet at 10am on a Sunday morning.

From there I walked up Shipley Glen, up to Dick Hudson's (a pub) at High Eldwick. I'd heard that this was a popular stopping off point for walkers, so decided to indulge myself with lunch.

From there, it was a trek over Bingley Moor and Ilkley Moor, via the Twelve Apostles, down into Ilkley. I was starting to get a bit more confident in my footing, and in the waterproofing of my trainers, when a muddy patch was rather deeper than I expected, and sucked my shoe right off. By the time I had turned round to retrieve it, having just about found somewhere dryish for my other foot, it was sinking and filling with mud. I had to rummage around in the gloop to find it! Yuk.

So the rest of the walk was a bit of a muddy squelch, and the state of my trouser legs and shoes meant that I decided not to venture into Betty's for a well earned cake at the end. So I just ended up getting the train and bus back home.

I can always tell when I've had a good day out in the fresh air, if I start falling asleep on the train home. Today definitely met that criteria, even though it wasn't even 4pm I was definitely drifting off. I think I'll have a nice hot bath later to try to de-mud my foot a bit, and then I think I'll sleep like a baby!


Blogger Hanna Jones said...

Hi! I have been reading some of your posts... Gotta say: congratulations... I have found some inspiration on you and your blog. Thank you...
I'm trying to do something like that.

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