Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Revolting Runners

It seems as though the prospect of me running round the civic hall in lycra has proved enough to force Leeds City Council into a rethink. I don't blame them, it's not a pretty sight, particularly when I'm angry! OK, so it wasn't just me who was going to turn up, there was a planned protest tomorrow night with representatives from all the running clubs in Leeds, and I was going to be one of them. But it looks like we might not be needed after all. Which is a good thing, but in a strange way I was almost looking for it, it would have been good fun and a chance to meet some of the runners from other clubs I talk to on the internet but haven't actually met in person.

No firm details yet, but it looks like we have a half back - in September this year, but any time is better than nothing.


At work at the moment all the talk is of the impending office move. I unofficially know where we're going (having been told by a partner before that partner realised she wasn't meant to tell anyone), and at first it sounded good - it's literally next door to my gym, I was worried about the prospect of being the other side of the city.

But then I realised that this has downsides. The latest rumour is that they're negotiating a corporate rate at my gym. Again, this should be good. I get my gym membership cheaper. Buuuut... my gym is where I go to escape from work. A swim in the morning chills me out and lets me forget about the impending work day. It wouldn't have the same effect if I could see a partner in swimming trunks sitting in the sauna. That sight would more likely have me running for the exit. Except it wouldn't, because to escape I'd have to get out of the pool and reveal myself complete with swimwear. The same goes when I'm sweating it out in the gym. I don't want to be doing it in the company of anyone from work.

This isn't being a being ashamed of exercising, or thinking I look like an idiot when I'm on the treadmill thing. They know I run and work out, and I'll happily wander through the office in running kit if I get out of the office, change, then realise I've forgotten something. But when I'm exercising that's my space, my time, and I don't want anyone from work encroaching on it.

And if that wasn't a good enough reason, I'm trying to block the minefield of showers and changing rooms out of my head...

Realistically I know that the office move won't make anyone join a gym. They'll still have to pay, even if it's a bit cheaper than normal rate, so if they don't want to pay in the first place it won't change their minds. And if they're already a gym member, they might not think that mine is the sort of place they want to move to. The new office isn't far enough away from the old one to make that much difference, and mine doesn't offer all the classes and whizziness of the big gyms in town. But still I feel protective of it. It's my gym, and I like it just the way it is.

The other move related stress, which I'm trying to ignore for now, is the lack of microwaves in the new place. How will I live without porridge and soup?!


Blogger t__m__i said...

If it's any comfort my office is bang next to the big muni gym & we have a corporate rate and I barely ever ever EVER see someone from work in there. There was a tester I used to bump into in the sauna sometimes but that was it (and I didn't work directly with him anyway).
Do understand how you feel tho; the day I saw the head of Engineering in the Ladies' (yes it is a woman) I think I tried to squeak and say "gah" at the same time!

also: thermos. Or hide a Tesco cheapo m.w under your desk ;)

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