Sunday, January 13, 2008


I had a surprisingly good time last night, although I'm still not converted to Thai food really. Don't get me wrong, I didn't hate it or anything like that, but if I was going to choose somewhere to go out to eat, or to get takeaway from, there would be lots of types of food that ranked higher on the wish list than Thai. I suppose at least it's one less thing to have cravings for! (btw it was Sukhothai in Chapel Allerton)

But, from a being chatty and nice to people I'd never met before point of view it was an unqualified success. I'd normally avoid putting myself in that sort of situation like the plague, but I actually got on with everyone really well, and didn't feel that I was out of place because I was the only running person there. I wasn't left sitting in a corner or having no-one to talk to, and I went on to the pub for a drink after the meal ended when, if it had been a disaster, I'd have been running at top speed to the bus stop.

It was another of those evenings though when you realise that people just don't know. Liz, whose birthday it was, must have missed the great coming out to running club moment a few months ago, and for some reason assumed that I'd always been a fast runner. And talking to one of her friends, he used the words skinny and (unless it was a drunken mishearing) tiny, then blinked with disbelief when I told him how much I'd lost. You could see his mind ticking over as he tried to visualise where it used to be.

So I must remember next time I go out with people I don't know, it's one way to make sure I'm the centre of a conversation...


Blogger Lucinda said...

I miss Thai. Here it is hard to come by. Used to have it on and off in Melbourne. But then it's very dependent on the place you go to. People at work know I go to the gym, I keep waiting for the 'Really?' But it never comes. Makes me feel a bit more like I belong.

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