Saturday, February 02, 2008

Hen Do!

This weekend is my little sister's big hen do. It's one of those events that isn't going to come round too often (we hope!) so I'm throwing myself into another weekend with people I barely know. Actually, that's a bit less true than the last couple of parties I went to where I really didn't know anyone other than the host, as I've met them on occasion, but I've never been out with most of her friends.

Last evening was a relatively sedate dinner at her best friend's house just outside Leeds. Today we're going for a spa day, then it's up to Newcastle for a night out before I leave them and head to Rochdale for Sunday lunch with some of my own friends (which had been planned before she decided the date of the hen do). Fingers crossed it will all be fun and I won't be too tired come Monday, as there's a lot of driving to add to the partying (although I've got a nice upgrade on my hire car so will be doing it in comfort).

That sort of schedule isn't very conducive to marathon training so I planned ahead and did my long run on Wednesday (believe me, setting out to do 15 miles when it's already dark isn't much fun, although when I finished I was glad I'd done it), and I've also done my interval and tempo runs for the week. That leaves me with 3 - 4 miles easy. I was considering doing it this morning before setting off, but it's snowing, so I might take one of the two back up options. One is that both the spa and the hotel have gyms, so if I have a spare half hour I could jump on a treadmill. The second is that skipping a 4 mile run and giving my body a bit of rest isn't going to kill me and may well be a good thing. So I'll enjoy myself and not get hung up on it.

Last night something hit me though. I was driving up to Louisa's, and it took me a good 20 - 25 minutes. The roads weren't that busy, that's just how long it takes with all the junctions, roundabouts, traffic lights and so on. And then I realised that I have been known to run there (well not to her house, but to the canal bridge that's pretty near it). And that on the occasions I've run there it's roughly half way through my run. It felt like quite a long way when I was driving it, even though when I run it I don't actually think of it as being that bad.

My measurement of distance when I'm running is getting good though. I'm quite good at setting off for a run with a mileage target in mind and picking a route that will be the right length without actually checking it by measuring it online first. I sometimes adjust it on the run, but it's rare that I find myself miles from where I want to be with no energy left in the legs. If I want a 6 mile run to work rather than 5 or 7 I think a bit, come up with one, and it usually works out right.

Anyway, enough rabbiting on, I must go and get ready for a bit of pampering!


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