Monday, February 25, 2008

Make Friday Count

My sister has been finding this campaign rather appropriate recently. I'm not suggesting that everyone should use the extra day to get married and make a donation to Cancer Research instead of expensive favours, but it's still a nice idea, to challenge people to do something a bit different with the extra day.

So, it's Wedding Week. I was over in St Annes at the weekend for things like the Final (or First, depending how you look at it) Dress Fitting to be taught how to lace it up (the dress actually only arrived on Saturday morning, one of the hazards or organising a wedding quickly!), and checking that you can't see my bra under my dress. I also managed to sneak in a half marathon PB on Sunday morning, being dropped off at the start by my sister on her way to pick up the mens suits.
Everything is pretty much in place and ready to go, and I just need to get through to Wednesday evening at work, then I can switch back into wedding mode. This week's main jobs involve trying to sort out my skin (why oh why did it have to erupt now?), getting a sleeping bag for Thursday night's girlie sleepover (done this lunchtime), remembering to buy some tights, trying to fit my long run in on Wednesday evening so I don't need to do it over the weekend, and trying not to catch a cold (I got a stern telling off on Sunday morning that if I dared catch a cold while racing she wouldn't be happy. I then switched to a long sleeve top and sweated my way round the course).
I also need to work out what I'm actually meant to be doing as part of my bridesmaid-ly duties. On the basis I haven't been to a wedding for 13 years, let alone participated in one, any tips or advice would be most welcome!

Meanwhile I'll just carry on getting excited.


Blogger K said...

Well... when I got married, my senior bridesmaid/sister told me my hair was lopsided and made me re-do it, and giggled a lot.

No, she also calmed me down and heard my vows a lot (and did stuff like decorating the cake and making the bouquets, which I'm guessing you won't have to!)

I hope it all goes swimmingly!

1:15 PM  

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