Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I've been a bit quiet recently. I don't seem to have felt like sitting down at the computer and writing about stuff. It's not that there's anything bad going on, and I keep on thinking "ooh, I should write about that", but I never quite get round to it. I'm not in the house much at the moment (blame marathon training for that!), and when I am I tend to have other things I want to do that don't involve the computer.

Plus I'm deep into the final stages of wedding preparations. This time next week I'll be packing my bags and getting an early night in readiness for an obscenely early train to St Annes next Thursday morning for a 10am nail and eyebrow appointment. And in 10 days my little sister will be a married woman!

It will be an emotional day, and she's planned some things that may set me off (and will certainly set my grandfather off) - cancer research pin badges as favours for a start, and then her bouquet is being saved to put on the grave the day after, but it will also be lovely to see family and friends I haven't seen for ages. My American uncle, the godmother who's got the evil double whammy of breast and lung cancer, the people who lived next door to us until we moved when I was 6.

I'm just hoping it warms up a bit. That bridesmaid dress isn't particularly substantial, and if it's as cold as it has been for the past few days (yesterday on my run my eyelashes froze and I had to pick the ice out of them at the end), I'll be taking one of my emergency foil blankets with me!


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