Saturday, May 07, 2005

Super saturday

I might have to make Saturday official weigh in day. Last Saturday I hit my 10% target, today I've got rid of the extra 2lb that mean I've lost my second stone, and hit my 23 May target with a couple of weeks to spare. Trying to ecide what to treat myself with to celebrate. For my first stone I bought myself an iPod, which I love to bits and adore. I don't want to spend so much money this time, as I don't have it at the moment, but I o want to treat myself for reaching this milestone. Maybe some new clothes for my holiday, as at this rate I'm going to need them.

Trouser update. I bought some new trousers a couple of weeks ago. At the time they fastened, but there was a distinct bulge around the top. Well, there certainly isn't now. There's a distinct bagginess evident, and plenty of room round the waistband to fit hands, arms, and god knows what else down. This is good. Well, apart from the fact that at this rate I'll be getting a couple of months wear out of them at the most, which isn't quite so good. This losing could get to be an expensive habit.

Anyway, I'm currently looking at my historic weight loss and deciding what an appropriate target for 25 June will be. It will be something in the region of another 8 - 10lb I think (I've got a holiday in that period, so I'm guessing I'll lose slower than I have done in the past month). For now though, I'm leaving my completed ticker up so that I can remind myself that I've met this mini-target before moving on to the next one.


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